Hi, I’m Jayson Schmidt and I am a college lacrosse coach. 

My goal is to transform lives everyday with love, honor, and unity.

I believe in you.

Whoever you are. Whatever you’re doing.

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I’ve had a passion for coaching as long as I can remember.

I believe that God has called me to lead people in love, both in competition at the college level and with business owners in the marketplace.

I am entering my fifth year as the head coach of women’s lacrosse at Palm Beach Atlantic University, the most beautiful college on the planet. Life as a lacrosse coach is an absolute dream –– I’ve yet to find something that meshes my passion, enthusiasm, and competitiveness in such a beautiful way.

I’m also a freelance branding and advertising consultant. Though this was a much bigger part of my life prior to taking on the challenge of college coaching, it’s still a passion of mine.

I love helping people win.