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I want to help you create predictable revenue streams through the internet with digital marketing.[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”b”]
Hi, I’m Jayson Schmidt.

I am a digital marketing consultant that helps small businesses grow.

I want to help create your future. It’s a future that isn’t dependent on when the next product ships or when you land your next client. It’s a future that is filled with freedom, consistency, and passion – all of the reasons why you started a business in the first place.[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”c”]I have been doing the digital thing since the early 2000’s. Primarily, this means helping people and their businesses, and launching magazines. After college, I ditched the corporate world to create the Quarterlife magazines, and after that, later became the CEO and co-founder of Bedlam Magazine.[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”d”]Nowadays, I am on this earth to make you better. That could mean creating ad campaigns, a fancy new website, or building a new brand from scratch. So let’s talk. You can reach me through the contact page, or you can learn more about Who I Am and What I Do. You can also read my words at Schmidt.ink.[/creativ_col][/creativ_columns]

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I’m running for President of the United States![/creativ_col]

[creativ_col position=”b”]It’s time for a fresh start, America! Click here to learn more about my presidential campaign and how we’re going to help save this great country.[/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”c”][/creativ_col][/creativ_columns]

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Have you checked
out Schmidt.ink?

[creativ_col position=”b”]Attention all great listeners! I’ve launched a new home for my words: it’s Schmidt.ink. I will be writing regularly about entrepreneurship, free living, and vision. I can’t wait to see you there![/creativ_col][creativ_col position=”c”][/creativ_col][/creativ_columns]


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