Bedlam Magazine

A world-class platform for a world-class mission.

When we gathered our brains to create Bedlam Magazine, I knew we needed a world-class solution to showcase the content our writers worked so hard to create.

This website needed all of the bells and whistles of a corporate behemoth like Relevant, with added functionality in all of the secret places. Bedlam’s responsive design met our users at their medium: nearly 2/3rds of all users were mobile.

It would’ve been easy to design for what looked good “in my opinion.” The need to provide a mobile solution to drive traffic into the 1,000,000+ range was vital, especially knowing that hundreds of thousands of views were seen from a three-inch screen.  

It wasn’t enough to build a functional solution for the magazine. No, the website had to be visually striking. After all, Bedlam Magazine was created to change a culture in the most beautiful way possible.

The platform’s number one job was to reflect this beauty.

Usage of white space and clean text for mobile and desktop are the hallmark of this design. I wanted to create a place that was purposeful and intentional, and yet got out of the way when it was time for the content.

I believe this was achieved with Bedlam Magazine version 1.0.

“Bedlam Magazine was created to change a culture in the most beautiful way possible.”