Who I Am


I’m Jayson Schmidt.

I’m a twentysomething entrepreneur with at least 37 spinning plates. Specifically speaking, I am a digital marketing consultant that specializes in helping small to mid-range companies generate more revenue.

Did You Know? I’m running for President of the United States.

I am also the Director of Operations and an assistant coach for men’s lacrosse at Palm Beach Atlantic University. It’s a role I’ve held since 2009, and my Sailfish blood runs blue. In fact, I graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic with a b-school degree, concentrating in entrepreneurship/finance.

Career Aspirations, beginning with lowest age: professional hockey player, hockey broadcaster, American Gladiator, meteorologist/storm chaser, hockey broadcaster (maybe still, even), the-guy-who-puts-down-soundtracks-on-tv-and-film, graphic designer, agency owner, venture capitalist, financial planner, marketing vp, magazine owner, fire starter

I was the CEO and co-founder of Bedlam Magazine and prior to that, I launched Quarterlife Man and Quarterlife Woman. I have a passion for digital magazines dedicated to reaching twentysomethings who seek fresh, relevant content.

I am a lover of Crossfit. I follow Detroit sports with everything inside of me (and the University of Michigan, as well). Despite my lacrosse career, I am a hockey nut through and through. I love to read nonfiction. Branding affects my purchasing habits.

Click here to see what I can do for you and read my words at Schmidt.ink.

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